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Default Tic Tac battery box --

Gotta thank Greg Chappell for mentioning the TicTac battery box off the DPReview post here ==> http://tinyurl.com/6llvevs

D B Cooper said --- I have been looking for the perfect battery case for months. Tic Tac is it.

..........me too! so I made it happen. Here is my take on the project.

Get your hands on a Tic Tac box (any flavor.. lol), the regular size box works best, strip the seal wrapper completely, I used GooGone but any citrus oil based solvent should work. Whatever, get the box clean of any wrapper and glue. THEN WASH THE PARTS -- WARM AND SOAPY to clean all the solvent residue. This is how I do it, your choices may be different, you may just want to 'pop-a-top' and stick the battery into the box. Either way is better than no carrier.

The box cap is snapped into place, there is no sealant so it pops-out but maybe is a bit stubborn the first time. Opening the dispense flap allows for grasping the cap at the opening and cap-edge (not by the flap), it makes removal easier.

....forever, I've used a simple color code slip in my battery covers/boxes to indicate the battery condition. I used BLUE & RED construction paper wax-glued back to back and cut slips that I insert with appropriate color out, BLUE-charged and RED-used.

I bought the Maximal Power @ Amazon ($9.99 at the time) after reading reviews; it has been a good battery for me.
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I just got my third battery from Amazon for $8.50. If you get a two pack it is even a little less. At these prices there is no reason to ever run out of juice.

If you don't have any colored construction paper you can have a convention for the battery status based on terminals down/terminals up.

Thanks for posting this Bob.
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Excellent description, Bob.
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I just checked and Tic Tac sales have gone up 10%.
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Imagine my excitement when today I found not one but two Tic Tac boxes. Brought them home, gave them a good wash, removed the labels, washed them again. When dry, went to my camera bag, pulled out the spare BLS-1 battery for the e-pl1 and...
Nutz, it don't fit! I guess our CDN TicTac boxes are smaller. Box was green in colour so maybe a "premium" product ;-)
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That is a clever idea for making a battery box. The sale of Tic Tac should skyrocket because of your posting. I bought 2 batteries with a charger for $12.80 from Ebay. Each battery comes with a cover. See attached picture below:
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