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Greg Chappell Sep 3, 2012 4:54 PM

Today At The Arboretum
Hot as heck, nothing but high, blue skies and LOTS of people with the Chihuly Glass Exhibit still going on, but I still love going out there and finding new subjects to shoot, with the E-M5 and either the 12-50 or 75-300..

Took a short break in the shade when I saw this composition..

The trees really are in bloom right now..

Needed the reach of the 75-300 M. Zuiko to capture these blooms which were far back in the bed and, fortunately, still in the late morning shade..

Using the macro setting on the 12-50..

And back to the 75-300..

Spot-metered the glass, then raised the shadows and blacks by a bunch to get this final result in the high contrast and shade conditions..

Wes James Sep 3, 2012 7:24 PM

Awfully nice pictures, Greg!!

boBBrennan Sep 3, 2012 8:51 PM

...really good looking da at the arboretum. Too hot to be out and I ended working outside most of the day.

Every time I see the 75-300 results I think that it would maybe be the first lens I would consider getting when I expand my lens set for m43 (if I do)

This week I will finish the fence stain across the back of the lot then the temp will cool down.......... once I am finished working outside, but then the photo outings will be more enjoyable too.

Greg Chappell Sep 3, 2012 9:10 PM

Thanks, James.

Hi, Bob.

Yes, I find the 75-300 to be quite excellent optically, and the stabilization system of the E-M5 coupled with the high ISO ability makes it a very versatile lens.

It does not focus as close on its' own as the four-thirds 70-300. At 75mm, it can focus down to just under 3 feet, but zoom it to 76mm or longer and the close focus distance changes to 5 feet, which is where the Kenko tubes come into play. For those shots above, I was beyond the 5 feet range so those were just the lens.

Earlier, I was shooting in shade and captured another closeup with the 75-300 at ISO 200 and 140mm at 1/30 of a second with no problem thanks to the IS system. I have the IS for the finder set to activate on the half-press and the finder just goes dead still, making it super easy to compose and shoot with no fear of blurry images unless the wind is blowing, which it was not today.

Here was that shot at 1/30 second and 140mm..

And a couple of late afternoon sail boats on White Rock Lake from my spot on the hill overlooking the lake and downtown Dallas, handheld with the E-M5 and 75-300..

I could not have called this guy and positioned him any better. I took a series of photos as they sailed across and this was the only one where they came out of the shadows to the point the entire sail was lit by the sun.

And just to give some idea how far in I am zoomed when shooting those, here's a shot from the same spot with the 12-50, zoomed to 36mm..

boBBrennan Sep 3, 2012 10:12 PM

....very good comparison, the 12-50 vs 75-300. I remember your saying how the iS snapped in at half-press the way you have it set up.

I did not know today was such a hazy sky, looks a bit like Los Angeles smog as I remember it.

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