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cshanaberger Dec 12, 2010 10:21 PM

"In a Valley called Canaan" the e-pl1 gets some points
One of my Girlfriend's & my favorite places to do short trips to is the Monongahela National Forrest in West Virginia. This Forrest is loaded with scenery & animals & solitude. One of our favorite areas is a high mountain basin called Canaan Valley. surrounded 360 degrees by the mountains, this 20 mile wide basin is packed full of whitetail deer, Black bears, countless species of birds, foxes, coyotes & insects of a huge variety. The 39th anniversary of the state run lodge in the valley was this weekend, so we went down for a quick one night get away. There was between 4-8 inches of snow on the valley floor and the White tails were easy to find with the white backdrop on the ground. Following are some shots with the e-pl1 & 70-300mm 4/3 & 40-150mm micro z.
hope you enjoy.

The first 2 are with the 70-300 the rest are the micro z. 40-150mm.

cshanaberger Dec 12, 2010 10:31 PM

And for the highlight of the trip I was able to put this guy to bed last night & after a 2 hr. hike this morning was able to track him down again.
definitely "The Majesty" of this quick trip. e-pl1 & 40-150mm micro z.

zig-123 Dec 13, 2010 6:45 AM

Hi Charles,

These are all great images. And I suspect it was a great deal more comfortable carrying the E-PL1 as opposed to lugging around the E-3.

When walking about with the E-PL1, I still marvel as to how much smaller and lighter this digicam is as compared to the E-30.:) that I normally carry.


Mark1616 Dec 13, 2010 7:20 AM

Nice shots, great to see these in the wild :)

cshanaberger Dec 13, 2010 9:21 AM

Thanks Zig & Mark.

Zig, had I only been carrying the e-pl1 it would have been extremely nice, but I was hiking with my lowepro aw backpack with the e-3, 12-60mm, 50-200mm, fl-50, 70-300mm about 15 different filters, manfrotto tripod, manfrotto monopod & other stuff bringing the backpack weight up to between 15-20 pounds. Sunday morning I had the e-3 & 50-200mm on the monopod most of the morning due to fair winds & freezing rain, when I found the big buck again hiding from the weather in a balsam fir meadow I took the epl-1 out of the backpack to do a 5 min. shoot. the last 2 of the second post are from there.
I truly hope & cannot wait till Olympus brings out a pro version of the m4/3 that is hopefully weather sealed. The only reason I had the e-3 out was due to its weather sealing, Image quality wise the pen just dusts the e-3. Saturday I shot the big buck with both the pen & the e-3, seconds apart from each other & the detail in the fur of the original files & the absolute clean high iso shots of the pen just astounds me.

Tullio Dec 13, 2010 12:32 PM

Nice...I like the 1st and 4th shots best. Which lens(es) did you use for the close ups?

cshanaberger Dec 13, 2010 12:58 PM

Thanks Tullio, The first 2 images of the first post are with the 70-300 4/3, all the rest in both posts are with the new 40-150 micro Zuiko. although I have had the lens for over a month I still haven't rung it out yet. It has impressive real world resolution & sharpness. but as i stated previously I wish the lens & e-pl1 were weather sealed as this tiny package was very well employed in this situation.


Greg Chappell Dec 13, 2010 1:51 PM

The E-PL1 and micro 40-150 are impressively light. So much so I make a point to really try and keep shutter speeds up. The IS system of the E-PL1 is like the one in the E620, which is not as effective as the system in the E30. The extra weight of lenses like the 70-300 makes getting sharp images, for me, easier at 300mm with that lens than at 150mm with the mcro 40-150.

I know what you mean about the Pens' file quality. I can't wait to start shooting at that level with the E5.

Nice captures with the micro 40-150.

cshanaberger Dec 13, 2010 5:57 PM

Thanks Greg. You are 100% correct about being to light. all these were monopod shots with IS1 on. I do not think they would have been as sharp without the monopod. I have been searching for years for the perfect combination for hiking, that complete with support & camera is an overall light package. I have yet to find it. Last year before I got the pen the 420 was my favorite hiking camera but with the 12-60 & 50-200 it was still limiting on my transverse range for day long hikes. then I got the pen & the weight is just right for longer hikes but the build quality is not up where I would like to see it. To be honest & most would disagree I would like to see a pen with a 100% carbon fiber sealed body with higher capacity battery & integral evf. I would be willing to pay upwards of $2000 for a camera like that if it was put together right. carbon fiber may be slightly heavier than the cheap plastic of the pen but strength would be 100 fold.

On another note can not wait to see images from you with the e-5 & some more from the other Greg as like many others,I trust your views & experiences better than the lab reviewers, as in all the years I have been shooting, I much prefer to shoot cardboard targets with a rifle as apposed to a camera.:D

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