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KulaCube Feb 23, 2011 9:59 AM

VF-2 use in cold weather?
Was wondering as to how the electronic viewfinder VF-2 handles the cold. Does it greatly reduce the battery drain?
Was out on the weekend, very cold and dry and found that with the snow making everything so bright, the viewfinder was almost impossible. Add to that the hassle of taking off the gloves, removing the sunglasses, digging out the reading glasses, then digging into the coat to pull out the camera... To be able to just flick the sunglasses aside and then look through a optically adjusted viewfinder sounds like a dream come true. And bonus, the wife will not be complaining about freezing while waiting ;)

Greg Chappell Feb 23, 2011 11:31 AM

Very cold weather will mess with any camera battery. In the best weather, the VF-2 is a drain on the Pen's battery. Anytime I take my Pen out, and it's always with the VF-2 fitted, I take AT LEAST two batteries as I know I will almost always go through at least one in less than a day if I am shooting a lot. I have three and take all three if I have remembered to charge them all ahead of time.

If I were out in very cold weather, I would just alternate cells every so often, the colder it is the more I would do it, keeping the extras in a pocket to stay warm.

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