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Originally Posted by MacBook View Post
The E-P2 is tempting and your excellent photographs make it very tempting. My E-PL1 -- about which I had conflicting feelings -- was stolen in a burglary three months ago, and the E-P2 seems more the style that I might like. Unfortunately, they took the VF-2 viewfinder as well, so I also would invest in that.
Well, that's pretty lousy. Sorry to hear that.

If there is any consolation to this, Cameta Camera has an E-P2 w/ 14-42mm lens available @$390.00


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"It doesn't do everything perfectly....but I haven't found a camera that does."

I can certainly agree with you here, Zig. I've had my share of cameras throughout my life, both 35mm and digital, and as you stated, no camera is perfect. You just learn to/work around it's shortcomings. Although I haven't had much time to play with my new E-PL2, what few pictures I did take were pleasing. It's not all that bad in low light (14-42mmII), in fact pretty decent, especially for the price. My next purchase will be the VF-2. Just cannot get used to taking pics looking at a screen. The E-PL2 reminds me of my first rangefinder 35mm camera, the Olympus RC 35, which took great pictures. Still have quite a few slides I took with it. Will have to digitize them someday.
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Thanks. I still have the Oly m40-150 and Panny 20, so I'm thinking of just the EP2 body + VF2 for now. I also have the Panasonic 14-42 that I can use, since they left the Panasonic G3, which is my primary camera anyway. I just like having two cameras plus the IBIS for legacy lenses.
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Awfully nice shots, Zig- as always!
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