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Default Welllllllllll.... (part II)

I'm afraid the E-P1 just isn't for me. It just doesn't feel right when I'm shooting and the lack of a EVF or even OPTICAL VF is something I'm just not ready for in this camera. IQ and performance is very acceptable. But, I just can't bring myself to like this camera and I'm not willing to shell out more cash to make it something I *might* like. It's just not for me. Adorama has graciously allowed me to exchange it for a Panasonic ZS-7. Yeah, I know... it doesn't have an EVF but, my wife LIKED the ZS-3 I had and was a bit miffed when I sold it. Soooo, if it sparks her interest in photography, it's a winner. I liked the ZS-3 a lot, too. I just didn't use it as much as I thought I would.
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Without the ability to use the VF-2 electronic eyelevel finder, I'm afraid I'd have to agree with you on the E-P1. Shooting with a TZ5/XS3 at 200mm or longer is WAY different than trying to shoot at 200mm or longer with a bigger sensored camera like the Pens.

I have a feeling as E-P1 users start buying longer lenses like the 100-300 Panasonic or the Olympus 75-300, many more of them will start feeling the same way.
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Hi Gary,

I understand how you feel. I looked long and hard at buying the E-P1. Mainly because I kept seeing them available on the used market at a very agreeable price. The other reason being that the E-PL1 was more money that I wanted to spend, so, a used E-P1 sounded like a good deal.

Then, I went to BestBuy to try an E-PL1 out, first hand. After playing around with it, I pretty much determined that, over the long haul, I was not going to like the E-PL1 without an EVF. The E-P1 was then definitely out because of a lack of VF-2 compatibility.

Ultimately, the main reason I bought an E-PL1 was a gal had listed a used one on CraigList for a price that allowed me to get the VF-2 essentially for free if I couldn't live without one.

Sure enough, after using the E-PL1 for a few days, I ordered the VF-2. I do have to say, that it makes a huge difference.



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The epl-1 and ep1 are 2 completely different animals. Shooting a long zoom without a evf is a major problem with the much larger lens.

But I think greg hit it on the head, as more ep1 owners start to add longer lenses, there might be a spur of upgrades to the ep2 and epl1.

Well if the wife learns to like the ZS7, it will be a good investment. Good luck with it.
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Sorry to here you didn't get along with the ep1 Gary, but as others have mentioned the vf-2 really makes these small cameras so much more usable. I do not think I would have kept my epl1 without it.
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I had the EP1 and my biggest complaint was the lack of a built-in flash. I did not care for the LCD either and of course there is no electronic EVF for it. So, it's a very (capable but) limited camera in many respects. The EPL1 is soo much better!

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