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Default What'cha Running

I'm always interested to learn what photo, graphics or organizational applications other enthusiasts turn to when it's time to post process. I've used a good handful over the years. Probably my favorite was PaintShop Pro (PSP) before Corel bought it. PSP may be as good or better than it ever was but I wouldn't know because I jumped-ship a few years back.

I currently have loaded:

Photoshop CS6 Extended
Adobe Bridge
Lightroom v5.3
Perfect Photo Suite 8
Photomatix Pro
Topaz Adjust 5

Frankly I almost never use PS (or Bridge for that matter). I only bought it because I was attending one of those "community education classes" at a local community college that enabled me to take advantage of a big student discount. I suppose I should take the time to learn it.

Anyway, if you are so inclined and can find the time please post what you've got loaded and which programs you actually use. Maybe we'll all learn something.


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Macbook Pro 13 in
Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Raw

I pretty much process the raw photos in Adobe, add them to iphoto as my library, and upload them with iphoto to Flickr. I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but that is what I've found most convenient.
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iMAC 27 (late 2009) .. I do not use any of the APPLE apps for photo editing, storage or viewing. It is not why I use APPLE instead of MSFT.

After Shot Pro by COREL ... I first bought Bibble Pro in 2006 when it was being made in Austin, TX B4 selling to COREL and renamed ASPro.

Photomatix ... I seldom use it

Olympus Viewer ... I only use to update firmware

GIMP ... I use it only for 'funky' things like 'flip' an image but for nothing serious

Smugmug online ... because it simply is the best (IMO) of the image online storage systems
boBBrennan .. FB=> http://tinyurl.com/dxlwxfz

.......he likes Olympus, Apple MAC & SmugMug best of the choices; he likes that he has choices


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Nik plugin suite
I'm thinking of getting and learning PS or something similar, but for experimenting I really can't justify the cost yet.
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Windows 7 on a desktop and laptop; Windows Vista on my most used laptop.
Photofiltre 7
Smugmug online for all photos stored. As Bob said, it is simply the best, bar none.
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I luckily was able to put Photoshop in my research budget
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Photoshop Elements 9
Lightroom 4.x (really not much)
Paintshop pro ... V4.1 !
And about 7 Topazlabs filters
Portfolio: http://agilephotography.deviantart.com/

Gears: OM-D E-M5 Mark II and E-M1 MK 1 with 14-150mm Mark II, 12-40mm f2.8, 15mm f8 cap lens, 60mm Macro, 75-300mm, Olympus Trinity -> 25/45/75mm f1.8. On the 4/3 side: 9-18mm and 50-200SWD with the MMF-2 4/3 adapter, FL-36R and FL-50. Also Rokinon mFT 7.5mm f3.5 Fisheye, Pentax 50mm f1.7 with K to m4/3 adapter, Olympus OM 200mm with OM to m4/3 adapter.
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A Dell desktop, running Windows 7, the Adobe subscription, which includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, Olympus Viewer, which I only use to update firmware and DXO Optics 9, which I seldom use.

All the hype about DXO's body-lens profiles and such in practice just don't make much of a difference when I view a DXO processed file against a jpeg produced from the same file in Photoshop, but the worst part of DXO is it's almost Olympus Viewer-like inability to recover highlight details that Adobe Camera raw does with ease. For the life of me I just don't understand the hype DXO gets.

Between Photoshop CC and Lightroom, Photoshop is where I do 99% of my raw file processing. Lightroom is basically Adobe Camera raw (Lightroom's development window is Adobe Camera raw made to look prettier than ACR in CC) with file management "stuff" built-in, and the file management stuff I don't give a rat's-rear about.

Lightroom's development window is Adobe Camera raw, just re-arranged and given a pretty face lift. What I don't like about Lightroom compared to ACR in Photoshop is, the sliders in the Lightroom development window are all tiny and it does not take but the slightest of movements to shift settings quite a bit. The sliders in ACR within Photoshop are much larger, more fluid in movement and you can make slight tweeks much easier.

I use a third-party Photoshop plugin called PTLens to make distortion corrections when the image looks like it would benefit (Seems just as good as any correction DXO makes), and I also have a PS plugin called Fisheye Hemi to apply to files captured with the Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye lens when it makes sense.
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@folob- Great idea running an old version of PSP. I'll have to see what I can find on the interwebitubes. I'd certainly consider installing the last version produced before Jasc was bought by Corel. Reading about the latest version I came across a rather disturbing article by Alan Shimel at NetworkWorld. Corel is putting Pop-Up ads in the paid version of PSP. Any thoughts I had about trying it again are now gone. It's a shame. You can read the article here: http://www.networkworld.com/communit...-pro-customers
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I have a copy of PE10 on the shelf but I guess I am dumber than a box of rocks because it is intimidating. I really need to buy a book on it and delve into it with the book in my hand. I'm sure it is not too difficult once you know what tool is for what and how to use them. The layers seem especially confusing.

For now I usually use Canon's DPP program for jpeg. For RAW I use the Oly program but I'm not real happy with that one. I like to use Picasa for sending emails with photos because it automatically resizes the pics so I do not have to do it. Picasa is pretty easy to use if you just want to do minor adjustments. Seems like every program I use has something to offer that the other does not so I choose based upon my needs at the time.

I'm not an editing nut to begin with and just usually do some sharpening and cropping and perhaps nudge the color a little.
Olympus OMD-M5, HLG6 grip, Olympus 4/3rd 35mm macro lens, Panny/Leica 25mm, f1.4, Olympus 17mm, Canon Pro 9000 Mk II Printer, Canon MP990 Printer, Slik U212 Tripod, Manfrotto monopod, MMF3 converter.
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