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This is really what the real problem is: today I took some video with these two lenses and they behaved equally well! No matter what I did, - change focus mode, WB, IS, P or A etc., this kit lens always refused to repeat the horrible video I got yesterday.

It is like AF, when it works, it works well, but sometimes it won't work or work badly for no reason.

[update]Now I'm very happy with the video from the kit lens. I think the key is focusing. I almost always get perfect video from the Vivitar because I always have to use MF. With AF, EPL1 sometimes suffers from fake focus - the green dot lights up but focused on nowhere. Furthermore, the focusing area is too large (the sticky trick does not work in movie mode), therefore landscape is worse than close up. If AF must be used, it is better to use single point mode. Because MF assist is not available for movie mode, I dial to P or A mode to do MF and then press the red record button.

So, as long as focusing did not go wrong, video will be very pleasing, even if I then pan around and move away from the focused spot! This video shows very well about this note, there was only one time when the shooter (Paul) had to adjust the focus in the middle (at 4:04).


Seems Paul has gained good progress with his EPL1 video shooting too, as you can see in his latest:


The last note: Noise reduction should be "off", noise filter should be "low" and IS should be "off" for sharper, more detailed and smoother video.

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I think I finally have a clue on why the kit lens takes great stills but overall bad video:


The answer is mainly in the "The colors of the rainbow" section. It is about peak color focusing, seems the cheap kit lens does not have a flat focal plane like old SLR lenses. Using MF reduces the chance of NIR focusing (fake focusing I've experienced even in photo mode). IBIS zooms video image size and zooms this issue as well. This is why people including myself have found MF and IBIS-off are better for video. EPL1 corrects this issue for stills but no enough CPU time left for this correction during videoing. HD also makes this issue more visible - "CA also tends to look worse on higher-resolution cameras because smaller pixels mean the same spatial blur is spread over more pixels."

And yes, DSLR that use CMOS sensors, including Nikon and Panasonic 4/3 and Lumix, all do such CA correction during jpeg processing.

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I confirm the epl1 can produce amazing results with other old lenses and static shot.
The colors are excellent (the good point of olympus),the sharpeness is not as high it could be,oly could have produce with this pen and 1080p a great competitors with others hdslr,a new firmware is welcomme!!!
if you want to see what can produce this epl1, see

Oniric nature/ dof and the amazing olympus pen
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Your video confirms two things I've found about E-PL1:

1) Close ups are no problem. Try put the subjects/scene 10 ft away and don't zoom in too closely, that's where usually (not always) issues arise, such as blood-less faces and blown highlights. So far my solution is to reduce EV by -0.3 and keep an eye on (auto) WB.

2) Old lenses do video. The only problem is shakiness and warping at 100mm or longer focal length. Then DeShaker is the solution and don't use IBIS. See how effective DeShaker is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL0fnunj0BI

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