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Yes, the E-PL1+VF-2+12-60 Zuiko is a very viable combination. The AF is "OK", but the manual focus ability with the VF2 and the mechanically-geared focus ring of the 12-60 is quite excellent. The distance betweem 3 feet and infinity on the distance scale of the 12-60 is something like 1/4 inch....extremely short. Images just pop into and out of focus very fast and the focus assist magnified view is light years better than any rangefinder wedge you used to use in the finder of a film-based SLR.
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I'm joining this string very late (I had computer problems at work yesterday). But Zig's experience with the rear LCD on the E-PL1 mirrors my own. As I've mentioned in other posts, the E-PL1's rear LCD is all but useless in bright sunlight. That's why I didn't waste time before I bought the VF-2 .

It is, without a doubt, the best EVF I have ever seen and better than quite a few optical viewfinders. I know some purists will disagree, but there you have it. You won't regret going for the VF-2, Zig.

But one cannot help but do a double take when one sees the VF-2's pricetag. And, because I don't have as much money to burn right now compared with early summer, it was the price of the VF-2 that prevented me from buying another E-PL1 after I lost mine while on vacation. I now have a brand-new leftover G1 to tide me over until, hopefully, either Panny or Oly introduces a rangefinder-type micro four-thirds camera with a built-in viewfinder.

But you made the right call, Zig... either you wanted to use the E-PL1 or you didn't. And it is a fine camera in every other way than the rear LCD. So I think think the extra expense is worth it as long as you have the money. We'll be looking forward to your impressions of the VF-2 once you start using it.

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Hi Biro,

Thanks for the positive reinforcement. I'm really looking forward to getting the VF-2. Hopefully, it will be here on Monday....


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