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Originally Posted by boBBrennan View Post
Well don.....this is an impressive set.

I am watching the new announcements from Olympus and hope to get a PEN before end of year, although it may be a PL2, depending on pricing for the new cameras.
Thanks Bob...yes the E-PL2 is definitely impressive...
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Originally Posted by LTZ470 View Post
Yes it was stopped down some and also good shutter speeds in the bright sun light Greg, so that assisted with sharpness...additionally I use Burst Mode and that turns off ALL in camera NR on the E-PL2...so there were a number of factors...the IBIS is definitely limited in the Oly Cams...
Also just shows you know exactly what you're doing to get the best out of that lens.

Interesting tidbit about burst mode and what it does to the NR settings.

One good thing about the E-PL2, it has a slot allowing the use of a corded electronic release so you could mount it on a tripod and get great results at lower shutter speeds. I use the corded release with a tripod-mounted E5 all the time these days, but when I switch the E5 for the E-PL1, there is no option to fit a corded release for the E-PL1, so you're left with using the timer...where the wind always seems to pick up before the darn shutter fires, or just hand-releasing and hoping you keep things steady enough.

I will be watching with keen interest for the pricing (and availability) of the E-P3. Hopefully it's a little more available fom the start than Panasonic's GH2 was, either when it was introduced or until just lately. I have not checked the last several days, but the GH2 has constantly been out of stock at all the online places I buy from.
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Well done and very impressive set of images.

I've always been curious what the IQ was of this particular lens. It would be worth the money to get one if you only wanted to carry one lens with you.
Seems you've answered my questions.


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I am thinking to should sell my oly 14-42 and return the panny 40-200mm I bought yesterday and get this lens.

noob with a olympus EPL-1 with panasonic lens's , 14-42mm and a 45-200mm. Teach me something please
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