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Originally Posted by James Emory View Post
And in the film days you were pretty much limited to 400ASA but you could compensate and push if you wanted although the results were not all that great pushing it.
In the film days the NHL rinks were much brighter, the video tubes in the TV cameras were not as sensitive as they are now.

I can remember going to Maple Leaf Gardens in the early 60's (pre-colour broadcast) when they had flash units mounted at the top of the glass and the photog's had a small round opening to shoot through.

Nowadays, they can really iris up (brighten) under the dimmest lighting and it still looks nice and bright on your screen at home. The modern sensors have and are really changing things. Have you noticed how golf broadcasts seem to last longer into the early evening -- looks good to us at home but I don't know how they can see their shots in the gloom.
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The pro photogs at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas have those holes in the glass to shoot through, in addition to wireless remotes they mount in their hot shoes that fire strobes mounted in the ceiling, giving them great lighting every shot. I often get there early enough to watch them test firing well before the first players hit the ice for pre-game warmups.
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Even though I already had the Lumix 45-200, I decided to buy the 40-150mm because of its size/weight and IQ. No I use it more than the Lumix. It's a great lens.

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