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Originally Posted by James Emory View Post
Sigh, someday I'll understand most of this. My only goal is to be able to use PSE 10 effectively.
I am the same as you James
I am using PSE 8. but it does what I need
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I don't think too much has changed, especially in PSE's ACR. I started with PSE 8 and I don't see any changes I would think were very useful for most folks.
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I don't intend to get involved with LR but these are indeed impressive results Greg. One of the things I hope will improve in ASP is the highlight control, while it does make difference there was a time, maybe one of the beta versions of Bibble V5 that the highlight control was significantly better IMO than it is now.

LR does seem to do some things better than ASP, I think highlight and shadow corrections are a couple of those things I see.

I may download a sample and try it out.......
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As I was zoomed in and watching the feather detail in applying the highlight, whites, shadow and blacks controls on the egret shots, the detail being rendered in the feathers and highlight control around the edges were impressive.

Sharpening and noise reduction controls look the same, but the level of processing everywhere else meant I had to make some adjustments in the settings I applied in CS5. It always happens to some extent, and here, the new version has, again, rendered all my presets null and void. I have to reset, but for a good reason. Everything looks better.

To the point it has me wondering if I really want to bother trying to grab an E-M5 before my trip or just wait until after I return....and pay off all the bills....
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