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Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post
So back to the hardware... what do you think of the Tair shot?
Okay, spending a little time looking at the Tair shot, it is sharp but not contrasty sharp. Looking around the bird's eye you can see the white feathery edge below the eye but it is not "tack" sharp. Which could be in the downsampling. But I think it has more to do with the era these lenses were designed in.
When you shot 'chromes, those films were contrasty. And negs were less contrasty, but printing kicked up the contrast. Until Kodak introduced their "T-Grain" film emulsions and lowered the film's inherent contrast, it just was not in the lens designer's interest to create a super sharp enhanced contrast lens. Another point on the Tair's build -- would they (behind the curtain) have had access to the better glass and coatings that the nikkors and canons et all could use?
Heck, I find my 70's era nikkors feeling less than sharp when I mount them on the E-PL1. Disappointed at first, till I started shooting these lenses in RAW, and then playing with the image in post. Much happier with the result. But to be honest, I will only pull out the micro-nikkor if i want to shoot closeups. The old glass is just too much effort when I can use a m4/3 lens and get a nice sharp, nice contrast image right out of the camera.
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here's an un-retouched crop on the face.
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Originally Posted by KulaCube View Post
...But if you find yourself less than thrilled shooting with the long lens, at least you did not put out too much cash.
Well, he may find himself less thrilled just because of pure frustration shooting with poor performer lenses. I know I did get very frustrate when I shot with legacy lenses I bought that disappointed me.

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