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I wish the newer digital SLRs were as easy to use as the old film cameras. Didn't have a zillion menu pages and options to go through to make sure you didn't leave something where it isn't suppose to be, just PASM, that's all you needed to take good shots. As Ramcewan mentioned, you took the time to compose and make sure focus was dead on before pulling the trigger.
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That's why I don't like jacking around with shooting JPEG. There are way too many variables to consider on a shot to shot basis when using JPEG capture. Going from bright outdoors at ISO 200 to dar/dank indoors at ISO 800 or higher you have to consider the need to change the noise filter setting....then remember to change it back as just one example.

When you use raw capture, things become very easy as you're capturing the images. No worrying about white balance, noise filter settings, gradation, sharpening, etc, etc.. I was manually setting my ISO's so I did have to think about that, although I have to say using the fast primes also made that much easier as I was often using ISO 200 in low-light conditions where a slow zoom would have meant going much higher. Otherwise, it was very little different to shooting with a film outfit. I was manually setting my exposures, composing and shooting.

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