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Greg Chappell Jul 20, 2012 10:05 AM

What A Great Idea....
I wish I could say I thought of this...

I rarely, if ever, manually focus with my micro lenses. The focus rings are electronic fly-by-wire, so the ability to add/change the functionality would seem perfectly doable. The ability to customize the focus ring to do something else like, maybe, an aperture dial sure sounds like an interesting proposition.

Ozzie_Traveller Jul 20, 2012 4:20 PM

G'day Greg

Just had a sqwiz at your link - yes mate > wonderful idea
I have noted for the last couple of years that while the superzooms are getting better & better with their lens & anti-noise capabilities, the hi-end SLRs are copying many of the superzoom features into the SLR body too

This does seem to be one that could make a huge difference to the way most of us go about things ~ well done for spotting this 'other' thread

Regards, Phil

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