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G'day Ozzie !

I like what you did with it, did you clone the moon down and crop or cut out a section of sky and use a gradient to match? I am going to try to reproduce what you did starting with the raw as I really like it in large part because of you left in all the foreground with the diverging lines which combined with the lower sky adds to the wideness.


Tullio I agree with you about the 45 being somewhat limiting on m43 compared to a more normal 25 or 30. That said I have been playing with the hex 40 and 50 along with the Jupiter 8 50 for a while now so I knew what it was going to give me. What clinched it for me was when i found myself more and more using the 45-200 at the wide end for landscapes, portraits, and cheer for my daughter. I realized I could really use a faster lens for these short telephoto shots. All in all I am already happy with the lens and expect it will show me some really interesting things as I get used to it more.

As for the 30, I was really tempted by the sigmas at $150. However the more I wrestle with the different primes and their prices I keep thinking about the new 12-35 constant f2.8 panasonic zoom. It is not as fast as some of the primes for sure but it covers the most useful normal range for m43 at an aperture that is for the most part fast enough and the flexibility to not have to change the lens.
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Nice shots RA, I especially like the first few taken in the am.
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When the Zuiko 45mm came out and people started posting pictures taken w/ it, I wanted the lens so I did exactly what you did. I got my 14-45mm, set to 45mm and started taking pictures. Often I found myself walking backward to frame the shot as I wished. that's when I realized the lens would not work very well for me. In terms of IQ, my 14-45mm performs very well and I'm happy in that department. Speed is the key, though. That's the greatest asset of the 45mm IMO.

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G'day mate

Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post
G'day Ozzie ! ... I like what you did with it, did you clone the moon down and crop or cut out a section of sky and use a gradient to match?...Thanks!...
Twas a bit of fiddling - I spent maybe 15minutes, but you will want to do it to 100% IQ so I guess you will have a cuppa alongside you as you play

  1. cropped the sky to keep about 1/2 original image size
  2. Image > Transform > Distort
    - dropped the top to be about 1/4 of what was there [thus using original tones, not grad filter tones, but moon also gets squashed to a small squiggle]
  3. Image > Resize > Canvas size to remove now empty top 3/4 pixels
  4. saved as "tmp-1"
  5. reopened original image & cropped off bottom 1/2
  6. Image > Resize > Canvas size to increase canvas for the 'new' sky
    - added the sky pixels [about 1/4 of original image]
  7. pasted 'tmp-1' sky to landscape, careful with joining process till clouds/pixels match
  8. flatten image
  9. save as "tmp-2"
  10. reopen original image
  11. using Magic Wand select & copy full-sized moon
  12. paste over the top of squashed moon in 'tmp-2' image
  13. flatten image
  14. save as final & delete tmp files
This "14-steps" might seem a lot ~ hope not, just me describing bits & pieces of a process > hope it all helps

Regards, Phil
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