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Beautiful Shots MacBook
Nice one of the Pooch
Have you checked out the Macro mode on the 12-50
I think you will be impressed
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Beautiful dog and congratulations for the new camera.

Just curious was what the issues you found with the OMD-E5?

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Fred, I have the 12-40, not the 12-50. However, I have used a 12-50 in the past and was impressed with its macro ability at 43mm.

Marcelo, I guess I had two main complaints. One was the handling of the camera, I did not like it with or without a grip, and did not like the buttons particularly. What really bothered me was the inability to retain a small focus point without resetting it all the time. I see they finally remedied that in the latest firmware update (I think), but I never expected them to do so. Good for Olympus.

The E-M1 handles more to my liking.
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Yeah, the small AF points they added on the E-M5 are really nice. There are not as many tiny points as the E-M1, but the E-M1 also has a much larger EVF to have more.

The larger grip on the E-M1 and slightly larger body do make for a more holdable camera, especially for anyone with larger hands, which I do not have. The E-M5 has never been an issue for me, it's just that the E-M1 is so much nicer.

The E-M1's accessory vertical grip is also just taller enough the palm of my right hand does not bump the rear vertical dial like I always did on the grip-mounted E-M5, changing some setting I didn't want changed.

The twin dials of the E-M1 also have a dampened movement and "feel" better in use than the twin dials on the E-M5, which spin pretty loosely. I see Olympus is coming out with an "upscale" E-M5 kit that includes the 12-40 f2.8 and one of the differentiating features of the new body is supposed to be re-styled twin dials. I would imagine they're adding some dampening to their movement to make them more in allignment with how the dials work on the E-M1.
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