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Good luck Fred, hope you get the sensor cleaned and eliminate the problem. Based on both Bob's and my experience, it also wouldn't hurt anyway to thoroughly clean all your lens at the same time. It only takes a very, very faint spot on the lens surface to replicate that problem.
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Bob, I had the blob while on holidays in PEI. Only showed up in the blue sky. further testing shooting a wall repeated the blob, no matter which lens, or accuracy of focus. Seeing as PEI is such a mecca for photo equipment, I bought a Q10 make-up brush. Extremely soft, about 1/4 inch in size. Gave the sensor a couple of quick brush strokes and "blob-be-gone". I now carry that brush everywhere. Wouldn't hurt to give the make-up brush a try
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I saw a tutorial once where a pro photog had a dozen or so spots on his sensor so he made a spot removal template in Lightroom. I suppose it can be done in other photo apps as well. Since the spots are in the same place every time you just load the template and bingo, they're all gone in an instant. That was his theory anyway. I never tried it.

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Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
What aperture was used in those images? The smaller the aperture, the worse it should be, but if it looks like that and you're shooting wider open (f2.8 or larger) it probably should be taken care of, and I would send it to Olympus.

Arlington Camera does sensor cleaning.....they clean various sensors all the time, but they will not touch an Olympus sensor. If they won't touch it, I have no business doing it.
Why do you suppose that is Greg? Did you ask them?
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I purchased this sensor cleaner for my canon rebel sensor.
It is like a sticky block on the end of the stick which you dab on the senor and the dirt will stick to it, you wipe it on a anti-static strip. It worked great for me, and I didn't have to apply pressure on the sensor at all.

Here is the info from our local camera store blog.

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Originally Posted by James Emory View Post
Why do you suppose that is Greg? Did you ask them?
What I was told, there's some sort of coating on the sensor surface that is removed with a wet clean process and part of what Olympus does is to make sure that coating is back on the sensor after it's cleaned. It's part of the sensor cleaning mechanism and not having it on over time can reduce the effectiveness of it.

Countess people over at DPReview say it's baloney and they clean their sensors when they need to with no damage. I'm not going to assume it and figure if I damage the thing doing it, it'd be a warranty-voiding event.
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Default No luck

First, thank you every one for all the help

QUOTE=MarceloLI;1372009]Nothing to be worried Fred, I was shooting the other night under extreme wind at the river and a small spot showed in all my pictures, I tried to clean it with a air blower with no results so I just did a went clean and problem fixed.

I use the swabs sensor cleaner, it is very easy to use, don't afraid to damage the sensor.

Check in the web for videos how to do it.

Good look.


I picked up a 17mm Eclipse Sensor Swab
followed directions as per sensor cleaning on the web site
No change in Sensor Spots
Tried it 1 more time . No change in Sensor Spots
I am assuming it a BAD spot I was sure this would have fixed it

Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
I wouldn't be shocked at all if I did "the test" with my E-M1 and a lens stopped down to f11/16 and saw one or two nasty surprises myself. The less I know, the better.
You should see the Nasties on my EPL-5 sensor at f 16
I will go with your approach f 8.0 is still good.
So stopped down to f 8.0 to wide open is fine with me.

here is a Photoshopped see spot disappear at f 11

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