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Default Houston Museum of Natural Science and Houston Zoo

I've been lax about posting pictures (and taking for that matter), mainly due to real life getting in the way. I come by every once in a while, and though it seems a little quieter here, the pictures are fantastic as always.

Part of the reason I've not been taking pictures is that I haven't been doing anything. But, a couple weeks ago, we got fed up and took a weekend trip to Houston. Mostly to say we did something

Ol' Sam on his horse 'cause traffic sucks

There was a display in the Natural Science Museum from a man named Harold Van Pelt, who I gathered is a gemstone photographer, but he also carves gems and stone. Beautiful stuff, I should have shot more.

There was a butterfly garden at the museum. This guy was my favorite.

The Magna Carta (one of them anyway) was on display. Almost 800 years old. Not a very good capture, the curator was adamant about no flash (understandably). I grabbed a couple captures then moved on as he was getting on to the guy behind me, not for the flash, but for what looked like a low-light assist (again probably understandably).

I'll pause here for a sec to ask y'all about the image hosting. I usually use picassa web, but google has integrated it with their g+ platform. On one hand it's nice to be able to do inline commenting, but their direct linking leave something to be desired. Also, they automatically "enhance" the pictures (looks like adjusting some of the levels and saturation). Probably what I would end up doing, but I don't know about the automatically doing it.

Still have some zoo pictures to come
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So the zoo is on the other end of the park from the museum, so that was nice. The insect display was nice because it was air conditioned

Leaf cutter ants.

Tarantula of some sort.

Not the best, but I like his expression. I suppose you can make some argument about him being the reflection of ourselves, but really I just like chimps.

Wax frog (toad? don't remember).

This is probably my favorite of the whole trip. Couple of the flamingos were tooling around in the pond and the others on the island are like "how are you doing that?"

A fun but tiring trip. Thanks for taking a look!
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Hey green eyed stranger,

I nice trip I would agree. Some interesting objects and funny expressions on the animals, the toad in particular looks a bit tired.
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Hey Stranger, thanks for posting. Ol' Sam, the frog and flamingos are my favorites. Reminds me it's been awhile since I "Got out of Dodge" myself. Time for a road trip. Maybe when school's back in session and things aren't as crowded.
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Hi ramcewan, thanks for taking a look! The frog is one of my favorites too. Something about the resigned/disapproving expression I think.

chiPersei, for the longest time we had a dog, so that was our excuse for not going on any overnight trips. He's been gone for over a year now and we just finally said we have to go, no more excuses.

Thanks again for the comments!
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