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Default iPhone 6 Plus with PDAF

It's quiet in here. Just thought I'd mention an interesting development with one of the new iPhone models. The Plus version has Phase Detection Auto Focus. I couldn't exactly tell you what it is but I've seen a few of you mention it in a positive light. I don't own an iPhone and likely never will. I'm cheap in that regard and would rather spend money on camera gear. What excites me though is, if a lowly (relatively speaking) cell phone camera can have PDAF why not every prosumer camera on the market? Apple tends to push the envelope which in the long run could be good for all of us.
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Image stabilization too. The benefits of phase detection AF are more than offset by all the other stuff these things don't have, from no zoom, to electronic finder or ability to do much exposure manipulation of any kind, and movies? We don-need-no-stinkin-movies. Never shot one with my current phone and won't with the next.

I have the iPhone 5 and am likely to move on up sooner than later, but it won't be for the camera, which I use only for ultra-technical stuff, like taking a picture of the sign in the parking lot so I know where to find my car later and snapping an image of the front of a great bottle of wine so I can try to find it again. I have lots of full-length movies and music videos on my phone I like to watch while traveling and the bigger screen (no tablets of any kind for me, I'm plugged in enough already thank you) will be nice.

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