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Default Hyperfocal Shroom

Trying to get a better grasp on hyperfocal distance lately. To be honest, I never knew what is was until a few months ago. Had a working knowledge of DOF but didn't understand there was this place you could focus (based on camera, lens and f stop) where everything from about half the distance to the focus point to infinity will be well enough in focus. There is gobs of stuff on the web and apps to help you nail it down for what gear you're using.

Here's an attempt to have a mushroom that was only a couple feet away and a barn that was 80 -100 feet away both in focus. This using the 12-40 at 15mm and F8.
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Seems to have worked out pretty well.

I have an app but haven't tried it out yet.

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So far ... so good! Nice shot indeed
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Originally Posted by folob View Post
So far ... so good! Nice shot indeed
Yes, I agree.
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Great capture Alan and very interesting technique, I never heard of it.

Thank you for sharing, I am going to investigate about it.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I really do appreciate your opinions and insight.

Iíve loaded 3 different DOF calculators that provide the hyperfocal distance. DOF Calculator Pro is not so pretty but very in-depth. You can tell it was developed by someone who likes math. It has a large database of cameras and lenses and itís comforting to know the answers it provides are specific to your gear. Ease of use not bad though not obviously apparent without reading some instructions.

Lens Lab is a less in-depth but gives you the key elements. Itís obvious how to use because there are 3 sliders; one for Focal Distance, one for Focal Lens and one for Aperture. Rather than a large database of cameras and lenses to choose from you go into settings and set the sensor size and lens parameters (in my case 12-40mm). Being visual people, photogs will likely appreciate the illustration-type representation of the DOF.

An app that I felt was a good in-between was RG DOF Calculator but I uninstalled it. I couldnít find a paid or ďProĒ version so you canít avoid the ads. I have no qualms with apps being ad supported. Developers are people too. I just wish they would also provide an ad free version for a couple bucks. The last thing I need when Iím trying to set up a shot out in the field is some smiling beauty trying to entice me to join a dating service. I just might fall for it.

BTW- If anyone has found an indispensable camera app (not talking Instagram here) please give a shout.
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I like the sky the most. The barn might look a little too red and green for me, but I haven't seen the original.
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VERY Nice Alan, looks good
the Focus and Barn is impressive
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As Alan has pointed out, you need to be a bit of a mathematician to work out depth of field or what is the hyperfocal distance is so there are depth of field calculators out there to help, DOF Master is one I use if I need it.
To start to understand it you have to realise that a lens of a given focal length has got a hyperfocal distance according to what aperture is set, you can increase or decrease where you focus but your hyperfocal distance remains the same, it's only when you alter your aperture does the hyperfocal distance change.
The screen shot below is of DOF Master, as you can see It'e set for the EM-5 with a 15mm lens at f:8 and focused at 4 feet.
The fist diagram is showing if you focus at 4 feet your depth of field is 8.74 feet at f:8.
The second diagram shows the hyperfocal distance you need to focus at to get infinity sharp which happens to be 6.2 feet, focusing at 6.2 feet will give you everything sharp from 3.1 feet to infinity.
If you now stop down to f:16 then the hyperfocal distance becomes 3.13 feet which will give you a depth of field from 1.565 feet to infinity.
I feel the hyperfocal distance is more useful with longer lenses, put the 300mm into the box and you will see how little depth of field you have even at small apertures.
It sound complicated but with something like DOF Master or one of the programs Alan mentioned it takes all the hard work out of it.
Sorry this was a bit long winded but have a look at the link below and play around with the settings, it's a great way to get to know about the hyperfocal distance, no setting for the EM-1 yet!, i'm going for a lie down nowÖlol
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Default Dof

Hope this will help

The DOFMaster Hyperfocal Chart software for Windows operating systems prints hyperfocal distance charts.
The DOFMaster software for Windows operating systems emulates the depth of field scales that used to be engraved on lens barrels. It prints scales (circular slide rules) that you can take into the field. These scales provide a quick and easy way to find the hyperfocal distance for any lens and f-number combination.
The DOFMaster LE program for Palm devices is a easy-to-use program for calculating depth of field and hyperfocal distance in the field. This on-line depth of field calculator also calculates hyperfocal distance.
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