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Originally Posted by boBBrennan View Post
Sammy .... did you play MLB .. Pirates??

Just curious, I don't mean to impose.

Thanks, Bob
lol - I think that Sammy Khalifa is a bit older and coaching kid's league baseball in AZ.


So I use an automated auction bidding tool (auction sniper) that allows me to pre-enter my top bid for an item and it will put in the bid in the last 5-6 seconds of the auction. I like it because it prevents the item from getting bid up early, prevents me from over-paying in an emotional decision to beat out another bidder, and also doesn't require me to be sitting in front of a computer when the auction ends. Basically I set the max I'm willing to pay and then when it's over either a get an email that I got out bid or I get an email saying I've won, like I said it takes the emotion out of it and helps to avoid a bidding war. On occasion it also nabs an exceptional deal.

So the E-P2 was a buy it now auction with a best offer option... I made a best offer $11 off the asking price and it was accepted.

Only I forgot I had an automated bid setup on another auction for an E-PM2. The E-PM2 was body only and in good condition save a minor problem with the battery door, when the door was opened it could separate from the camera, but when it was closed and clipped it stayed put. Seeing an opportunity I had put in a top bid of $145.

Well as it would have it I won the auction at $142.50 so now I have two bodies

Obviously I am choosing to keep the newer E-PM2 for the better sensor. So I'm selling off the E-P2 and have already sold the VF-2 that came with it.

Holding them both in my hand I can't help but notice the build quality differences;

The E-P2 is a solid brick of metal with a multitude of wheels, control knobs, lights and buttons. It has a nice finish and solid heft with that nice polished goldish piece that says "Olympus PEN since 1959 E-P2". The former owner had put a leatherette wrap on it and it feels real nice like an older rangefinder. Just a classic design and solid construction.

The E-PM2 on the other hand feels very light and chintzy, like it is constructed completely of plastic. It is smaller and has only 8 buttons and the single control wheel. There isn't even a exposure mode dial. But boy is it a small camera, really pocket-able, especially with the Lumix 14mm f2.5, I think a Lumix 20mm f1.7 is in my future for this camera . I was a little concerned about the lack of controls but the touch screen goes along way to make up for it. Pressing the menu button brings up a menu with 4 columns left to right; ART, iAuto, Scene, one split vertically into PSAM boxes, and then the last one is Setup. Tapping one of them puts it into that mode or takes you to the setup menu. The rest of it looks very much like my E-M1 with the same menu options for the most part. It also has the nice touch to focus and shoot feature which makes it very easy to use.

So I think the E-PM2 is going to fit my need really well and will give me the excellent dynamic range of the newer sensor. I already did a few test shots and found that ISO 3200 was actually pretty useable.
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