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Default The Biggest Darn 35mm Prime I Have Ever Seen

Was just over on the Luminous landscape site and watched the latest video on the front page of the two guys talking about their newest toys, one of whom had the latest Sony A7II.


What kept my interest while I waited and listened to them talking about other "stuff" was to see exactly what lens that was mounted on the A7II. Was it the 16-50mm f2.8 or one of the other primary zooms they make? As I watched him start to talk about the camera, the 12-40mm f2.8 Zuiko and 12-35mm f2.8 Panasonic were looking smaller and smaller, and then, smaller still.

Then he got to the lens, which was no zoom at all, but the 35mm f1.4 prime. Holly Jezuz, the thing is a monster, especially considering it is a "mirrorless" design. I know it's covering a 35mm-size sensor, but really? How freakin' big would the thing have been had they designed one for their DSLR system? That totally surprised me. Lord, I now want to now see how big the 16-50mm f2.8 zoom is compared to the 35/1.4. I had a chance last year to play with a client's Leica S2 outfit, and that lens is Leica S2 lens physical size.

No doubt, the thing is an awesome performer. Not sure I'd be willing to foot the bill and tote the outfit though, especially considering how big the rest of his outfit must be.

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Hi Greg,

It's been sometime since I've visited Steve's and couldn't help but notice your post. The Sony you mention looks to be a great camera, albeit, currently limited by lens choices and forced to using adapters. To make the it worse, the size of the new lenses - one of which you've mentioned, are huge. Sort of defeating the whole purpose of the concept (where have we heard that before).

One of our camera club members, here on the Cape, apparently, just got his hands on a brand new A7rii and is bringing it to our next club meeting, Thursday.
By the way, what struck me funny about the video you mention is the lead product they introduced; a brand new Rollei twin lens camera-selling for a mere $8,900.


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Yeah, I noticed the Rollei. The company that still made them just went belly up, auctioning most of the assembly line earlier this year. Kinda sad.

I'm still doing some 35mm shooting, B&W only, with equally classic Leica M4 and Contax IIA outfits. Process the film at home and scan myself. Kinda of fun and something "different" to do.
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