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Excellent shots, the lens definitely lives up to Oly PRO stabdards and the Photog's skills are to be commended...excellent Greg...thanks for the heads up...
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Originally Posted by WCKSer View Post
Gregg, this is a very convincing test review of this new lens for anyone who is thinking about getting one. I can't say enough of the sharpness and color rendition of the optics. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of CA either.
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Originally Posted by boBBrennan View Post
..oh my! This is M9-sneaky; the 'SMug M9' gallery is absolutely beautiful images
It's a pretty sweet camera, and with just the right amount of automation for someone who likes classic Leica film cameras but wants a digital option. The simplicity of the design is a nice change of pace. There's exactly one menu of options to set and you're ready to shoot. Appropriate subject matter is definitely limited. Closeups of almost any type are neigh on impossible, no one's going to be doing much any action shooting and 100% accurate framing is impossible.

I will say though, after a few weeks with it, and of course the E-M1 is a newer camera by 3-4 years, the M9 has some decent overexposure room and you can bring up the blacks/shadows a good amount, but the E-M1 files are much, much more flexible in push and pull-ability.

That said, it's pretty hard to ignore the micro detail you get with the combination of the larger sensor and superb primes. I'll often open a file from ACR and blow up to 100% and look at tiny signs and face detail of distant people and just be amazed at how easy the signs can be read and detail can be made out, like this image I captured this morning from the balcony at the Westin Hotel in Avon, Colorado of the view of Copper Mountain with a 35mm f2 Summicron of late 1970's vintage, but I forgot to key in the lens manually since the lens not been indexed to be read automatically by the camera, so the EXIF data shows the 50mm f2 I had mounted before i shot this. I think I'm going to order a rather large print of this just to see how it looks.

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The new lens is working a treat, great series of shots, thanks for sharing
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wow that new 7-14 is superb, this is me about now trying to work out how I can sell my 9-18 and the 12 Rokinon to fund a refurb of this beauty.

in my bag: e-m1, 7-14mm pro, 14-54mm mk ii, 50-200mm mk i, 70-300mm
in my pocket: e-pm2 lumix 12-32
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