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Default New Panny 25mm/1.7--SammyK Goes Normal.

Finally got this from FedEx this evening after some shipping adventures. Not too much of a chance to play around but did take some shots of our little business district here this evening.

untitled-144.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

untitled-134.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

untitled-124.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

untitled-147.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

untitled-149.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

untitled-157.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

Very preliminary impressions are that it handles really nicely, maybe a tad bigger than I'd like but not bad; but maybe not as sharp as say the 20. I took some shots down by the river before sundown but didn't like them very much: it's pretty cloudy and gloomy here though and the unsharpness I saw could also have just been from aperture/OperatorError/etc. Even these highISO nighttime shots I took later look better, so maybe I just need a breaking-in period of sorts, heh.
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Beautiful set Sammy, love the colors and holiday arrangements.

How do you like the new lens? it is sharp? fast AF?

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Old Dec 7, 2015, 11:43 AM   #3
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Thanks Marcelo.

After just a little bit of playing, it handles pretty nicely and focuses fast but doesn't seem as sharp as say my 20mm. That might be unfair though, because from what I hear despite its shortcomings the 20 is one of the sharpest lenses out there.

Also, it might be totally in my head, because on the face of it it doesn't make any sense, but the new 25mm seems to have gotten better auto WB than my previous lenses. Like I said though it makes no sense because it should all be done through the camera itself, but my shots inside my apartment compensated for the "yellowness" of my lights than I remember with other lenses.

I did take it out on a family outing to a christmas tree farm and seemed like the perfect lens for it. I think Panasonic will have a winner on its hands if they include this as a kit lens option in the future instead of one of the zooms. It seems like a lens like this should have been one of the first ones they made for the format.

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Got mine, haven't shot much other than some eBay listing pictures but can confirm that it focuses quickly and is decently sharp even wide open.
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Oh geez, those are nice shots. Especially the night shots.
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