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Help! I have a Camedia C-2100 UZ that I love. Got it used about 2 years ago and it's perfect for what I do (shoot apparel and jewelry). But it doesn't seem to accuragely "see" any shades of blue that have green or grey-green undertones--aqua, turquoise, jade, teal, etc. Some shades of green as well. The shots all come out looking bright blue or electric blue, or navy blue on the darker tones. This happens no matter how I set the white balance, under all & any indoor lighting conditions, and under most outdoor conditions. Sometimes in daylight, if the sun is "just right," I can "get" the shade accurately. But not often. Then I spend forever color correcting the item in any of several photo-retouch programs....

I can't remember if I had this problem when I first got the camera or if I just didn't have occasion to shoot anything in that color range. This is only my 2nd digital camera, so I don't know if this is a problem with this specific model, or there is something actually wrong with it. If so, is it a costly repair, or should I just buy another camera, perhaps the SP-500UZ (though I would really miss the image stabilization).

Would love any help anyone can offer up! Thanks!
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I have a C-2100 UZ too and I seem to recall that a firmware upgrade resolved some of the purple/blue issues. Unfortunately, that upgrade could only be done by sending the camera to Olympus for some other reason and then they would apply the firmware upgrade while resolving the other issue.

The funny thing is this evening I've been searching to see if anyone has figured out how to apply this upgrade without involving Olympus. No luck so far but...

The C-2100 UZ is quite a camera! I love my new Pentax *ist DL but I really look forwarded to picking up a Pentax K10 or K100D for the image stabilization after having the UZ show me how useful it can be.
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