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Default the pictures....

Well, I can say that I honestly feel the Uzi takes images far superior to those that the HP 850 takes. Possibly that is because I had the Uzi for a few weeks before it became ill and had time to practice more with it. The 850 I had for one whole day before the ceremony to practice with.

In any case, the images the HP took seemed not as crisp and sharp as those the Uzi takes - this using the auto setting. The optical zoom on the HP is not as long as that on the Uzi and I knew that going into it. I tried to compensate with the digital zoom and the images just got all pixilated and they were not clear at all.

The worst part, (for me) was when it was time to get shots as Shannon crossed the stage. The principal called his name - and he started to cross to get his diploma. At that VERY moment a large man - at least 500lbs. - decided to come down the stairs and stop - right in front of me. He just STOPPED and stood there. I kept saying "please MOVE!!! That's my son - MOVE!!" He would not budge. I did not even get to see my son handed his diploma, I did not get to see him get hugged by his principal, I did not get to see anything. I wanted to kick that big man right in his big bottom and watch him bounce all the way down the stairs like a big beach ball. :twisted:


ps: I got one nice shot of Shannon and his sweety Susan outside after the ceremony if anyone would like to see it. I have not been at this long enough to get a posting site, yet, but I will gladly send it to someone if they can post it for me.

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