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Default Olympus 750 uz or Canon G3?

I never thougt choosing a digicam was so difficult...
What should i buy, a 750 UZ ( pro: long zoom lens, con:expensive XD card and software isn't that great)
Or should i buy a Canon G3 (pro: better image quality?, much software, cheeper cf-cards, con: 115 mm zoom)
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hi =)

haivng used an oly 5050, 730, and a fuji 602, i gotta say there's really no replacement for a nice 10x zoom lens, and that would definitely be a big consideration for me.

I am not sure how much difference there would be between the 750 and G3 image quality as no reviews are out yet that i have seen, but someone has posted some pics from his new 750 (currently sold in Singpore) and Oly seems to have gotten it right with the new ED lens on the 740/750, especially with the CA and skin tones. the lens is exceptional for a telephoto/ccd coupling, even comparing well with non-ultrazoom lenses.

xD cards are a concern, as they are more expensive now, but hopefully prices may come down in time. they are no faster than (or even very slightly slower) 12x speed CF cards in my 5050 but that wont' matter unless you're taking pictures in RAW (does the 750 have this?) or TIFF format. the main advantage of the 740 & 750 though, and i don't know if this is due to the claims that xD cards take up very little power, is that many users of the 740 & 750 have reported phenomenally long battery life (2-3 battery changes in one month or something, despite everyday shooting, using 2000MA rechargeables). That is a very definite plus of the 740/50 to me.

If it was the G5 then I would think twice, but imho, i wouldn't hesitate in getting the 750 over the G3.

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Get the 750 with that big 10x. It has (I think) the new ED lens too.

Don't overlook the 740 just because it's only 3mp. 3mp is plenty.

I think xD cards are a good thing. They're not much more expensive and should have a good future and a potential capacity of 8gb.
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I don't judge a camera by its software, as long as the pics can be transfered by the standard Windows operating system.

When I bought my Olympus, I never considered the software that came with the camera because the camera appears as another drive in Windows Explorer...I just copy the pics over to a directory I made up for my pictures, and then use programs like Irfanview to view them, ExifRead to view Exif info, and Corel PhotoPaint to edit the ones I wish to edit...you can use whatever programs you want.
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I'd suggest comparing the same images taken by the different cameras and use that to decide which one takes the best pictures. As for software, I agree with Mike_PEAT-- as long as you can get the pictures from the camera into your computer, you may then use any software you like. As for the specific features of each camera, it's up to you to decide, unless you just want our personal opinions, which may vary so greatly it might make your selection process more difficult.
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Default too many digicams

I think there are too many digicams on the market. Consumers get lost in the ocean of digicamland... (lol)
I also think that most of the cams have an acceptable quality.
But, i'm a beginner and maybe i'm wrong...
Greetings, Bart
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