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I own a c-770 which i really like...so when it came time to get a camera for my wife to use...i bought her the Stylus 710...figuring i couldn't go wrong with another Olympus. Well I was wrong. The picture quality is terrible unless conditions are optimal. It has a really hard time taking good pictures in bright sunlight or high contrast situations. In high contrast situations...the bright areas and darker ares seem to bleed into eachother and take on a fuzzy look. Even in a situation where the lighting is perfect...the pictures just don't look that sharp...the only way i can describe it is that they have a fuzzy look to them.

The other thing, is that the autfocus doesn't seem to be accurate....i have it set to spot autofocus...when i try to focus on something that is more than 10 feet away...it's a 50/50 chance of getting properly focused pictures. And yes, i know how to use spot autofocus...focusing on my subject and then recomposing...and the subject ends up coming out blurry.

Has anyone else heard these kinds of complaints from other people? I'm trying to figure out if all 710's are like this or if we just got one that was put together on a friday near closing time.
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Well, this is just my experience, but I like the camera just fine.

I found playing with the different shooting modes in the camera really helped me to better understand what I can and can't do. I've found certain photo ops require certain shooting modes. No one mode is perfect for all situations.

I'd like to give you some help if I can but I don't have anything to go on here. Could you possibly post some of your pictures? Maybe share what the EXIF data is for the shots in question? You can find the EXIF data under Properties in Olympus Master.

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