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Default what to do

My Olympus E-100 RS died, I've sent it to Olympus and they want 323.00
dollars to repair. If I extrapolate the numbers, this camera has a 300 a
year maintenance cost. This camera produces excellent picture and we
work well together. I have physical obstacles and the quick response
and stabilized lens help me out. Plus the zoom enables me to get up close
when my wheelchair won't. I like to take pictures of my daughter at her
various sporting events.
Now with all that said..........

Should I repair he Olympus or buy a new camera?

The only stabilized lens I've found is the panasonic F1 (i think)
(indoor color was awful "blue", is this a big deal)
the fuji S602 pro with the manual cable shutter is viable?
the sony 717 requires two hands to zoom
I couldn't get a consistently clear shot with an olympus 4000 (because of
camera movement during press of the shutter button)

Any suggestions?
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Default Olympus Repair


I do understand and appreciate your anger. From the many people who had trouble with dead Olympus cameras, you are certainly one of the worst effected.

Nevertheless, your camera is still worth a lot more than $323.00. If I were you, I would have it fixed and strech the cost over many years. You should insist though, that with the repair Olympus takes care of the origin of the problem, so that the same failure is ruled out for the future.

Sincerely, Herbert
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I agree with Herbert that your camera is worth more than you are going to spend. The E100 is almost impossible to find, people are not willing to depart with the camera.
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