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Default C740 vs. C750 ? about add on lens & flash

I am going to buy one of these 2 cameras. I know most of the differences in them after a million questions. My next question is, what type of lighting situations would I use a seperate flash on the 750? I know that's probably a dumb question, but I need to know the answer. I'm just getting started with more serious photography. This is one of my deciding features. I am just not sure why I would need the 'hot shoe' to add a seperate flash. Thanks!
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Hi Picture Taker,
We meet again! Actually, from what I have read, both the C-740 and C-750 have very good flash capabilities. My 2100uz also has given great photos using just the on-board flash. I would just be guessing if I were to try to answer your question. I will say though that the addition of the hotshoe definately is a fairly big plus for the C-750 should you ever decide that there IS a reason to have an external flash!

I am going to give you 2 links to forums where, in addition to here, you can most likely get the answers to your question and any others you may have:

Dpreviews Olympus Talk Forum:

Yahoo Olympus C-700 C-720 C-730 C-740 C-750 Group:

If you haven't "hung around" on the DpReview site much, or at all, the forums are VERY active and full of very knowlegeable participants. Between Steve's Digicams and DpReview, I have learned tons over the past 3 years. Visit them both OFTEN, cause they are definately the BEST! Curt
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Times that you'd want an external flash...the internal flash is only good for about 10feet, many external flashes are much more powerful, you can bounce them off the ceiling, use them off camera to reduce the chance of red-eye, if you add another lens to the camera it can block the internal flash like http://www.pbase.com/image/6328789 etc. The Olympus FL-40 (although costs almost as much as the camera) has the added benefit of adding a focus assist beam to the C-7x0 to aid in focusing in low-light situations.

You can get cheaper flashes like the Promaster 5550 and 5750 with focus assist beams, but they don't seem to work properly with C-7x0 cameras (can't say if it works with the 750).

You can also add an external flash to the C-740, but it has to be a special type of flash called a Slave...when a slave sees a bright light it will fire its flash. Only certain slaves compatible with preflash cameras will work with the C-7x0 cameras. Check out this site showing a C-7x0 user's experiments with a slave:

I second the C-700 site mentioned above since I'm a member there.
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