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Default Help needed: Olympus C-750UZ Vs Kodak Easyshare DX6490!

Which's the best choice: Olympus C-750UZ or Kodak Easyshare DX6490?
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Well, the Kodak's not on the market yet, and it hasn't been reviewed, so can't say what the quality is like. As a C-700 user I'd lean towards the Kodak for it's really short shutter lag (from what I read about it) but I'd like to see pictures and hear about people's experiences with it first (it's no good having a short shutter lag if the pictures are garbage, even if it is 10x zoom). I admit though I'd like to see what Olympus comes up with next after the 750, which will be about the time I'm ready to buy.
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Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 3:21 pm Post subject:



I am trying to answer this question too.. and cannot give you a definite answer. Here are the outstanding differences between the DX6490 and C-750.

Kodak DX6490

Nice bundle, battery and dock for cheaper price
Kodak easyshare system makes the camera easier for beginners
Built in memory 16mB + SD slot(which is cheaper than xD)

Manual controls could be better
No Raw file / tiff file (Please correct, i read the manual but could not find anything but the standard jpeg)

Olympus C-750

Camera has a good reputation.
has Remote
Lots of adaptors for lens, telephoto and wide angle
better manual controls

Autofocus could be better
Bundle could be better, xD cards are expensive

Overall I think the Kodak 6940 is better, but need more information and picture comparison to make the decision. Also I would love to see how the HP 945 stacks up against these two.

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The Olympus 64mb xd card is less than $30 at this link:


I believe the Olympus 750 is a camera with superior controls and optics. This can and should lead to better pictures.
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I have the earlier 720 and now own the 750. The shutterlag has significantly been reduced (IMHO) in the 750. Lens is much better. The form factor of the 750 is excellent. Main drawback is the current higher price of the xD versus any other media out there.

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Hi Gibson and Jerry,

I agree with you that C-750 is a great camera. It has good manual controls a lot better than the kodak 6490.

About the lens, I believe there is no significant difference. Both lense are made by reputed 'big name lens people'. The C-750 has many more lens accessories on sale now than the 6490 (sort of expected since the 6490 is a new model)

The kodak camera displays less purple fringing at wide angle than the c-750 in sample shots at Steves. If you are interested look at the zoomed picture of the boat and look at the masts. I am not sure if this means a better lens in the 6490 or if it has a better image processing algorithm.

Another reported problem with the olympus C-750 is the poor focussing in low light. Maybe Jerry you can throw some light on this ? I do not know if the Kodak 6490 does any better. Maybe when we see more reviews we can clear up this issue.

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There's some sample pics and review right here at Steve's under 4 mpix. I myself am going through a first time purchase dilemna of getting DX 6490, Canon G3, or the C-750. Looks like the
sample pics that Steve? took are a little less focused than the G3 or the 750 especially the one
with the parking lot at the red brick building. The full zoom of the boats seems respectable. And these EVF viewfinders on the 750 and the 6490 scare me alittle.
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