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I couldn't find my initial post, on the problem that I had with our Olympus C-740UZ, but it was a GOOD while back. The problem was that the camera kept calling for a formatting of whatever XD card which had been inserted into the unit. The one that I had (a 256mb card, by Fuji) was working at first, then the above 'formatting' issue came up. Each time that I hit 'YES', for the procedure to start, the need for formatting the card would immeditately show up again.

I then went out and purchased another XD card, in hopes that it might have just been an issue with something going wrong with the other card (Fuji), itself. It turned out that the same plague existed. Consequently, the newly purchased card was returned to the store, and I looked into getting the camera looked at - and repaired. I was told that it would cost me $160 just to have the camera sent in. Now, I'd only paid $150 for the camera, when you factor in the two rebates ($100 & $50), which cut the
initial price of $300 in half, for me. I was going to toss the camera out, as I knew I would not spend more to fix the camera than it cost, itself. But something kept me from doing that.

Now, it just so happens that I located the camera - yesterday - and decided to put some batteries in it, after finding the 16mb Olympus XD card which originally came with the camera. Well...Surprise, surprise, surprise (as Gomer Pyle would say :-)) when I discovered the camera to be in full working order. I am wondering whether or not I would have to use Olympus brand XD cards, exclusively.

I know that Digital P&S cams are up into the 10 & 12 megapixel ranges, now, and that our C-740UZ is just a 3.2 Megapixel. The shutter lag is bothersome also, but at least it is back in good working condition - which keeps me from having to shell out for another one, at this time. I only hope that it was those two other cards - and not something that just worked itself out. If the latter is the case, there is a very good chance that it could happen again.

On another note, though: A very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

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Do you know the version of your camera firmware?
The last (and the best) one is v754u2-87. You could check it in the EXIF info in some of your photos. Some of the dealers sell the cameras with old firmware.
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