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Default C700 tele lens

I ordered the CLA4 lens adapter and intended to buy the TCON-17, but Olympus says it won't work with the C700 or C720 although it will work with the later C7xx digicams. I'm curious as to why the TCON-17 will work with the later C7xx's and not the earlier ones. I assume this means the B300 will not work either. Are my only decent options the TCON-14, TCON-14B, or A200? What are your recommendations?
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The TCON-17 will work on the C-700. Just add on the CLA-4 and you're all set. Check over in Digital Photography Review ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...essage=5970444 ) in the Olympus talk/forum. There's been a recent discussion thread on using the TCON-17 on the C-700; bottom line: it works just fine, thank you. Also, check www.B-300.com and there are examples of the TCON-17 on a C-2100 (another "not recommended" camera); the site compares the TCON against a B-300 (the TCON predecessor) and a Sony telephoto adaptor.

Why isn't it recommended? I dunno but I suspect "marketing" had it's hands in this. Plus the lens has the "ED" lens glass that is in the newer C-740 & -750. But IMHO, it should not make the lens incompatable with earlier C-7X0 digital cameras. I've got a "new" WCON-07 on my C-730 and it works great. (I also have a B-300 and it's an excellent match also.)

Paul in NoVA
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