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I can't see any image improvement between raw and jpeg , as for sharpness issues i've always get a better result from a jpeg pic.

How can this be ? raw should show more details ?
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raw doesn't mean it has better image quality. raw is basically what you camera really sees thru its lenses. while jpeg are post processed like sharpened and color corrected etc. raw has more information that comes with it so its easier to edit on your computer like with photoshop. especially in very high iso shots with raw u will capture some more detail, while at high iso, jpeg files might lose some detail due to noise reduction etc.
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What whiskey said. And....

You can usually pull greater detail out of blocky shadows and rescue highlight details that would be lost in a JPEG shot. The tonal gradations are finer with RAW and you can make more radical editing adjustments without getting the objectionable noise and posterization that you could get applying the same edits to JPEG.

If you don't usually take technically challenging shots that could benefit from the greater latitude that RAW offers, or make very many large prints, chances are you won't notice any image improvement over JPEG. In fact, if you are not familiar with the settings in your RAW converter, your RAW shots may well come out worse than your JPEGs!

RAW has it's place and so does JPEG. Most people probably don't want to take the extra care that goes into making a good RAW conversion, and they will be quite happy with their JPEGs. But for those who want to go the extra distance, RAW gives you the very best that your equipment has to offer.


By the way, guillermovilas, that is a GREAT avatar!
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