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I have the 560. To me the downside or cons of the camera are first it has a difficult time focusing quickly. This can cost you a shot. Secondly and it's not just oly but small sensor cameras in general, ISO performance in low light is poor. That said you get what you pay for and it is a bridge camera not a dslr. You get an amazing range from 27mm to 486, 520 on the 570 and it is very sturdy and portable. Does it take good shots, this is where the person behind the camera makes as much a contribution as the camera. You learn the weaknesses and deal with them and use the strengths to your advantage. The Olys have in camera settings so at full zoom it is soft, set the sharpness and contrast to +3 or 4. If you can't focus right away, pick a larger object the same distance focus and swing back. The list goes on but what I'm saying is I would choose the 570, they have upped the IQ and given it some extras like a hot shoe, etc. Bottom line you can get a quality shot from a point and shoot and a rotten shot from a 5000 dollar dslr, they don't just hop out of the box and start taking great pics, it's a learning curve. Here is a shot from my 560 with tcon from 40 feet and slightly cropped. Shutter 1/30 aperature 4.5
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Thanks alot Whisky & Eharrim for explaining some of that, much appreciated. Like you say Eharrim, it's all a learning curve & you need to take some time to learn the camera before you can expect great results, a learning curve is right.

I think the extra features sell it for me, it feels nice to hold & it's a bit of a challenge to a novice like me who has had limited time behind the lense, SE Asia has plenty of great photo oppurtunities, I'll have no excuse for being lazy. I'll be keeping tabs here though for some more tips from the pros.

Thanks again...Scotty
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Here's a review by PCworld. Of course I don't always put much stake in reviews. I find forums and actual users comments more reliable as they have the product and use it. You just have to sort out the users that know what they're talking about and the ones that have agendas. In the 18x range I like the pany fz18 and the 570 for my two picks but I think Oly has it over the others for build quality and I like their menu but that is just a preference thing, others may like the pany better. Either way both give good IQ.

http://www.pcworld.com/... .../123679/toprated_advanced_pointandshoots.html

The UZ came out ahead of all the others by at least 4 points. They rated the UZ at 88 points.
The others were:

Canon S5 IS 84 points.
Panasonic FZ-18 84 points.
Sony DSC-H50 82 points.
Fuji S8100fd 82 points.
Casion EX-F1 81 points.
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