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I just bought the 570UZ to give me a camera with zoom range when I don't want

to lug my xti and 100-400 lens out. I have had poor experience with zoom shots to date. The zoom is rated at 520 or so but does not come anywhere near the zoom range or quality as the canon lens. I know it should not be as good as the canon but I had an early olympus zoom 2500 uz with image stabilzation and it had a lot better image quality with the 2 mp sensor then I've seen with this new 570UZ. Does anyone else have any experience with the 570 or have any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong? Or am I expecting to much from the camera.

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I would bet at least part of the issue isyou may be expecting more than these cameras can deliver. I've owned the 100-400L Canon zoom...a superior piece of glass, and at a cost to where you could buy 3 or 4 of these cameras, and it's used on cameras with MUCH larger sensors.

Are your longer tele shots being recorded with the aperture stopped down or are they all being taken atclose to afully open aperture? Diffraction starts rearing its' ugly head not far down from fully open at the maximum tele end on these cameras.

I've still got my original SP550 that I rarely use anymore, but when I was using it more, I made sure the aperture was pretty much wide open when I shot at themaximum tele setting. Whether you use Program and the program shift option or aperture priority, I wouldn't be taking too many shots at any aperture smallerthan f5.6 or so. The maximum aperture with the SP550 at the maximum tele setting is around f4.5. If i remember correctly, someone on the DPReview Olympus page calculated diffraction softening affects before you even hit f5.6.

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