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........I've used the C7070WZ / FL36 combination for three years and now suddenly the FL-36 functions ONLY in the straight away position.

I have done everything I can think of; checked and reset settings to default in the FL-36, checked and rechecked C-7070 settings (I've not intentionally changed any sets for 3-years), all batteries fresh, yes.

Since you are reading this have you had a similar situation, let me know.

This is driving me MAD because the FL-36 isn't, nor is the C7070WZ, broken....they just won't play nice together anymore.

I usually only use the FL-36 on the C7070, indoors and always in the straight up bounce mode with a horizontal diffuser.

Works (until now) very well............ and Christmas with the grandkids is in 4-days

.........this photo taken with the combo just last week


The same flash works all ok, including any bounce position, with both my E-3 and E-300 cameras.

Let me hear your experiences, resolves and suggestions.

BTW, I've ask Olympus America but have not recv'd a reply yet (as of Dec 21)

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Hey Bob: Does it only fail to work in the 90 degree position? What does it do when you click it to the 45, 60, or 70 degree angles? Are you also bouncing it while using the head zoom feature? Any chance of a wobble in the connection between the unit and the hot shoe, that maybe causes a lack of complete contact with all 4pins when you are tilting the head?

Looks like you've have to use your other cameras for Christmas. Then take your c7070 to a camera store that has a FL36 in stock, try in on your camera to see if a new flash works. That should confirm that the problem is your flash, and not the camera.

Goodluck; I've not heard of a problem like yours.

Steven R.
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..hi Steven,

The FL-36 does work all ok on the E-3 and on the E-300, but with the C7070 anything above 90 degrees it won't work. This actually happened once before, in August I was to use the C7070 to shoot a new home interior for my granddaughter, the FL-36 did not work so I used the camera with the internal flash.......... later when I attempted to find the problem, the FL-36 started working again and was ok until just this week when it did this all over again. I did a pencil erasure on the camera contacts and the flash seats securely to the shoe.

Craziness, so for tonight and tomorrow I am working with the E-3, 14-54 and the Promaster 5750. This is one of those times the big rig is just too big but I need the flash that the C7070 won't be good without. The Promaster 5750 works just fine with the C7070, it is just bigger than the camera and a bit unwieldy.

Maybe it will snow here and give me a day to figure out what is going on.

Merry Christmas and thanks,
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