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The camera coming out, DMC-FZ10, is 12x zoom...there has been a 10x DMC-FZ1 out for a long time, but many people didn't like it because it didn't have any manual controls (shutter speed, aperture, etc.).
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I was glad to find your post. I would be a newbie to digital if I too take the plunge. Considering Nikon Coolpix 4300, or your Olympus 750UZ.

I just can't see going digital without the value added telephoto and wide-angle capabilities. I have also seen excellent macro pics on a website named "photsig". The "snake" close-up is awesome- as clear as one taken with highly publicized Nikon 4300 macro capabilities!

Re: Shake - if you want to see how much you shake, place camera on a good tripod (Bogen/Manfroto). Don't tighten-down clamps too much on tripod because vibrations won't flow out. (This might not matter on a small camera, though). Then go focus, in the evening, on a full moon and only let your eye touch eyepiece. Then, while still watching moon, take your hand carefully and hold tripod. The moon should vibrate all over the place. If it does not, you're very good!

Also, your pics are good. I would like to see the difference in sharpness on "perspective focusing". Shoot (use tripod, lazy) a tree-top at say 105mm so that the enite tree-top image is in view. Then, without moving camera position and using autofocus, zoom to about 300mm. Refocus if you must. Lets see the difference in sharpness, PLEASE! :lol: Thanks in advance!

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