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Default C-50 firmware

Just wondering if the C-50's 512xd firmware has been leaked anywhere?

I find it insulting that I should have to pay extra after purchase to get the camera to function as it said it would in the manual, (xd cards will eventually go up to 8gig).

I don't think you can even send the camera off period here in England!

What is up with all the olympus firmware situation(s)??

Thanks guys
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I once asked Olympus about the firmware issue in a chat, the Oly rep. is William Carp, Technical Representative with Olympus America. My question:

<Me> Why can't we do firmware upgrades on our cameras; I've done them on computers, CDRs, modems, PDAs, and when going to a Canon page and clicking on a camera link, a window popped up saying there was a firmware upgrade available for free and where I can download it...why not Olympus?

<William Carp> We feel the opportunity for an error while upgrading firmware is too great and we would prefer the camera be serviced by the Olympus repair dept. This way we can control the environment in which a camera is upgraded and assure that it gets done right without harm to the camera.
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Do you guys know how to upload a new firmware to the camera!?

If yes then all would be just a peace of cake! Users with the newest ver of firmware could download it from his camera to pc and send it to others!

If you take a look on some hardware forums you will be amazed to see what is done. Some people even replace an older hardware model bios with a newer one and get the same performance.

The only thing needed here would be an advanced user who know what he is doing, so he can check and make sure about firmware compatibility etc.
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Camera makers that provide firmware upgrades provide instructions on how to do the upgrade. I have done firmware upgrades to many computers over the last 35 years of working on computers. Yes, 35 years. I started programming in 1967 while studing in college. I can say that on the whole most of the firmware upgrades go as planned, but then once in a great while one goes whackers. Even the most advanced user can not predict when one will go sour on the upgrade. I can not upgrade my Oly C4040 because of Olympus' polices. I could upgrade my Nikon 5700 and would do so only if the upgrade would improve the function of the camera in the manner in which I shoot with it.
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