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Default C5060 Image quality - a second opinion

Yesterday I visited a friend who has been a professional photographer for over 30 years, has owned the kind of big name gear that I only read about and who presently owns a photo finishing lab. I brought along an 8x10 print of an image taken with my C5060 and printed on my hp 7960 printer at home.

After carefully examining the image subjectively and with a loupe, he was stunned by the quality (especially after I told him it was a digital image) and made inquiry about the model of camera because he wanted to do further research on it.

The sad part of the conversation was his admission that what I had shown him confirmed that the doom of the photo finishing business was far closer than he had believed. While he did not expect film and finishing to completely disappear, he relegated it to a narrow slice of the population perhaps akin to the LP diehards in the audio arena.

Perhaps with this post I will stop beating the drum about this camera. But I believe in giving credit (and criticism) where it is due if it can help someone else. I am not an easy person to please with my photographs, but this camera has exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. And I have only begun to mine its versatility and features described in its 300 page reference manual!

Now, having said all that, I will tremble a bit while waiting to read Steve's conclusion on the camera when he completes his evaluation of a production model.
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The quality of printers and cameras have tremendously effected the 35mm camera area. I think that photo editing and printing may find a new market as many newcomers are only interested in the taking of the picture and still want it process somewhere else.
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I've heard that Kodak is stopping production on slide projectors, and Nikon is stopping 35mm production (can't say if those are permanent)...not to mention what's happening to Agfa.
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Digital is here to stay for the present. Who knows what the scene will look like in 10 years? Film will not totally disappear, but the signs point towards a more limited availability of cameras, films, etc.
I believe in the fine-art arena film will remain the preferred medium for another 5 years at least.
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