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Default Help from Olympus C-750UZ owners ??

Are you happy with indoor pics? How is red-eye? What about low-light situations? Does using the Olympus FL-20 compact flash make a difference for indoor pics?

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The C750 is a great deal for the price and I am very happy about my choice.

Now it all depends what you want to achive indoors.

I personaly got some amazing quality pictures taken indoor at night with nomal lighting.

But in low light situation it becomes very hard.

Actualy my real problem is not the picture quality as I use Aparture priority and with "spot" or "multi" metering I get the right picture.
The problem I got is to focus in dark indoor situations.

The Camera has hard time auto focusing when in low lights and to get a good Manual focus you still need to see your subject correctly in the monitor or view finder and this makes things a little difficult.

So the result is most of the time little blured pics
Also in these situations you will get your good picture if you have time, but if something is happening and u need to take a fast picture then u better forget about it!

I would really apreciate myself any tips for faster/better focusing in dark situations.
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Just a small question...
What do u mean by "low light conditions"
- A room with a normal lamp?
- An allmost dark room with only a candle or something like that

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Old Dec 4, 2003, 2:56 AM   #4
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Well actualy what I ment was a room with candles or very low lighting used!

If the room is lighted with good lamps then its all ok or almost.

Anyway the less you have light, the more dificult it becomes to get the right foucus and settings for me.
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I also own a C-750 for about 2 months and I'm very happy with it! It takes great shots and It's amazing what a little camera can do! Specially the 10x optical zoom realy works, and if you have some particular reasons to prefer a best zoom than many Megapixels, then you have the perfect camera!
For instance, I have two beatuful Cocker Spaniels (dogs) and a Baby Cat and my favourite scene is when they're all playing around, specially the two dogs at the streets, at the beach, etc! Of ouse, I need a great optical zoom, since with digital the picture becomes crap! Anyway, If you have kids, animals or something else that matters to be away but at the same time, so close that you can shot the perfect scene, you choose the right camera!
If not, perhaps there is another camera that fits better for you!
Hope ths helped!
If you want, take a look at my pictures at http://deiota.instantlogic.com
They were all taken with C-750
Love, Andrea
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I recently returned a C5000 for the C750UZ and boy is this a neat little camera. I was disappointed with the C5000 with the noise and the AF for indoor shots.

I've tried some indoor shots with my C750UZ and the FL-20 flash, and its definitely underpowered for anything other than wide angle shots. There is less noise with the flash. The FL-50 (which replaces for FL-40) is $499 (which is more tha what I paid for the camera). You can still get a reconditioned FL-40 at Olympus (via their emporium website) for $279. I got my FL-20 at newegg.com for $120.

Hope this helps.
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