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Default Thinking of another oly, opinions?

I have a c-2100 and I love it. But I have found that without a good external flash, my indoor shots are limited. So it is either get the hot show adapter and cord which seem to cost over $100 alone. And then get a flash. Or get a second camera that has a hotshoe already.

How much hassle are the hotshoe brackets? If I go with the bracket and cord. I will most likely get a Promaster 5750DX, the going price online is only $130. So after shipping, the flash, cable, and bracket I would be spending around $260. A second camera would run me $500-$800 alone, then I would still need the flash. But I have thought about a second higher megapixle camera for some time now. But then again I do not really need it. What would you guys do? :P
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If you get the Promaster with the cable module that plugs in directly into the C-2100, you can just use any generic flash bracket...it's only if you get the Promaster with the hotshoe module...THEN you need the Oly bracket and cable. Just thought I'd save you some more bucks.

There have been complaints about the Promaster's auto focus assist with the C-7x0 cameras that the light doesn't stay on long enough for the camera to focus...haven't heard any comments about that situation from C-2100 users.
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I am extremely please with the FL-40/BK-01/CB-01 combination! Yes, it's expensive for the bracket and cable, but the bracket is extremely well made, very comfortable, and everything fits tightly, giving you a much more secure feeling than holding the camera alone.

Check eBay for prices, and don't be afraid to purchase items separately. While the bracket and cable cost me nearly $90, I was able to get all three items for right at $300. I haven't used the ProMaster, but the motorized zoom on the FL-40 automatically switches from wide to tele as you zoom, and the additional focus assist light has allowed me to take pictures after dark as far away as 70 ft! If you have any other questions, just ask.
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