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Default c740 v c750

iv been looking to buy my first digital camera first i was inpressed with the fuji s5000 untill i saw the olympus but looking at some samlpe pics looks to me that the c740 takes better pics than the c750????? alot sharper at night as im only taking 6x4 or 7x5 is the c740 the better buy? :shock:
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Hm... I have the C-750 and two friends have the C-740. I would have to say that there really isn't much visible difference between the quality of those two cameras besides the obvious increase in pixels of the C-750. With more pixels, you can sometimes crop further into the picture without losing detail, but that's it for quality from what I can tell.
I did notice one difference between the two models which I have never seen mentioned anywhere, and that is that the C-740 does not have 50 ISO as an option, where the C-750 does. I have never really taken test shots to see how drastic the difference is between 50 ISO and 100 ISO.

The test shots you saw, where they of the exact same object at the same time, same shutter speed, aperture, ISO, shaprness etc...?
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C750 has a hot shoe. That is a big thing to consider.
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I had a 700UZ and upgraded to a 750UZ because I like to take a lot of night shots of lightning. The 700 with ISO 100 had a lot of noise when using a long shutter speed and low light where as my C750 shots are pure black where need be using ISO 50.

I could be completely wrong on why there was so much noise on the 700 and I could also be wrong in assuming the 700 is similar to the 740 in it's ISO quality, but I typically use ISO 50 for my night shots and I see a big difference. What's weird is when I was buying my camera I had to call around and find a place that actually had one to make sure it did ISO 50. All the pages back then including olympus' reported it as only going to 100.

I'm pretty new to all the technical stuff with cameras so excuse my noobness.
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