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Default E 10 VS FinePix S602 Zoom

Hi, I just have one little simple question.

I'm looking forward to get one of the digital cam for myself.

BUt I'm still not so sure which one is the right one for me.

Either E10 or the FinePix S602.

I'm not so much of a prof photogh.

plz...consider the prize diff and everything.....

and S602 can add on lens??

Please help me decide ?????

Thanks so much
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I'm not sure I can help you make up your mind, but I can tell you the relevant differences.

The S602Z is a nice little 3 megapixel camera which takes pretty good images and has the most useful movie mode of any present digicam. It tends to shoot slightly toward the greens and most images need slight color correcton. It has a 6 megapixel firmware interpolation mode(Fuji calls it "extrapolation") and has a post capture 5 image burst mode which is very helpful for sports. It has a EVF which has a fairly fast refresh rate, but don't expect to shoot fast sports and follow action with it - too slow on the refresh. You can add an Olympus B-300 1.7x to it and get excellent images at a reasonable focal length. It uses both SmartMedia (don't know why anyone would want to) and CF including MicroDrive. Plastic camera body - nice feel - telescoping lens requires adapter for adding telephoto or wide angle.

The E10 is a much better built camera - solid as a rock. It has the advantage of live LCD (like the S602) but it's a true SLR camera as well). It has more optical resolution than the S602, you can add a TCON-300 3x and throw a TCON-14B on the end of that if you want. So the telephoto potential is greater than the S602. It's a much better built camera than the S602. Image quality is similar, but higher resolution on the E10.

Either camera will take great pictures, but the E10 will probably still be taking great pictures when the S602 has long since gone to the camera "happy hunting ground". It's just a much better made instrument.

I have the S602 and did have an E10 which was a dandy camera. If you can afford the difference, my suggestion is to get the E10.

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Dun - I had a 602 for a week.. liked the camera, took great shots, but was interested in action/sports - wasnt bad, but autofocus /eposure doesnt adjust when using the 5 fps (which is very fast btw, at full resolution)... I returned the camera, droolled over an E10 (but am scared of the autofocus - check out http://davidweikel.com/E10_samples/index.shtml), and then opted for an Oly 2100uz.. only 2Mpx, but fast and long.. nicest thing I liked about the E10 (for the whole 3 minutes I held it) was the optical viewfinder.. nothing like it..
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It's a case of apples and oranges. Or in my case Mangoes and Zabocas.

If you could afford a camera like the E-10, buy it and ask questions later. Better yet if you could get the E-20 close your eyes and walk into that purchase. The Fuji (another camera I've been able to hold) is really comfortable in my hands, but it's picture taking ability is nothing compared to the likes of the Olympus.
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Default low light auto focus

I've had an E 10 now for a year and a half. I Have some great pics from it. But the one thing that keeps this camera from greatness is the very poor low light autofocus. I've read in Phil's review that the 602 shares this problem. That was a great disappointment to me, I like the look and feel of the 602.
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