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Default C-5050 vs. C-5060

Trying to decide between the 5050 and 5060 but having a hard time. My primary use for the camera would be underwater photography (primarily w/flash but some without) but I am planning to get back into photography so I am looking for a camera that can "do it all".

My problem is this: The C-5050 gets great reviews but I keep reading about "low light noise" and "slow focusing" issues. The Chromatic Aberrations problem also gets a lot of play but I am not too worried about that when it comes to underwater photography. The C-5060 seems to have resolved all of these issues but it's a bit larger than the 5050 and uses a new "proprietery battery".

Basically I am trying to find out if the "better" 5060 image quality, addition of the passive AF sensor, and increased focusing speed is enought to justify getting a slightly larger camera and, more importantly, giving up the ability to use AA batteries in a pinch. Can someone tell me if the changes in the 5060 are truly noticeable or are we talking about the difference between a Porche and Ferarri, lol.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Look at this site.To compare the two cameras.

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This is one place where you can see the results of a C-5050 in an underwater environment. There is another site, but I can't find it right now. Check this one out.
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Umm, the C-5060WZ has a much slower lens than the C-5050Z, so it 'solves' the low light focusing issues by not doing it.
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I would argue Michael M's. point:

"it 'solves' the low light focusing issues by not doing it".

The 5060z can indeed shoot in low light and do it well, so it "does it".

Yes, it's a slower lens, but the camera is a capable and versatile piece.
The battery far outlasts AA NiMh's and I'm sure there will be aftermarket options from sources such as DigiPower soon.
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If I were you, I would judge by what type of underwater set up you are planning to buy. I am a diver and I bought the C5060, versus the C5050. The reason being that I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on the UW set up, and I don't want to get that serious about it just yet. I plan to buy the Oly PT-020 housing for around $300 and probably the Oly flash and its Oly housing. I will use that for quite a while and see what I can do with it.

If you plan to invest some serious money and get a "Non-Oly" housing and a strobe light, I would buy the C5050. The equipment all exists and the set ups have been figured out. I would advise you to stay away from Oly's housing for the 5050, I think it is the PT-015. It has leaked on a handfull of people and its design seems to have some problems. The 5060 Oly housing is designed by Olympus and I am hoping it is more robust (don't know yet, too new) than the 5050 housing which was designed by a third party company for Oly.

Both cameras are very good, with the 5050 you will want different UW lens and attachments. With the 5060, I plan to use the lens it comes with, which is 28MM and should do OK UW. So again, if you want to do a serious UW set up, get the 5050 and if you want to just take pic's UW for minimum $$$'s then the 5060 is the choice, or you will have to wait till the serious set ups are designed, debugged, and out on the market to buy for the 5060.
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