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Default Olympus C-750 Settings/Resolution

I recently purchased an Olympus C-750 camera and am very new to digital photography. I have set the camera to SQ1 and the resolution is 1280x960. I have not downloaded any photos to my computer nor have I printed any out. I must buy a photo quality printer to do so (HP 7760 ?). Will this setting produce good 4x6 photos when printed?

I appreciate any and all help that can be offered so that I can get a good frame of reference for using this camera without too much trial and error. Thank you.

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First I would recommend at the minimum the HQ setting and even better would be the SHQ. You will need to buy a larger memory card to use these settings if you want to take alot of pictures.

Photo printer recommendation: Cannon i960. Very fast, individual ink tanks and very fast. High quality outputs.

Your SQ1 settings are for 1mp resolution. This will not produce high quality 4X6 printouts.
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I think this one might help you http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=20036
There are a fre links that you might look at to answer your questions.
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I just recieved my Canon i960 comes with 4x6 tray, which is very nice and prints quailty photos fast. Individual cartridges to save money as well. Very happy with print results great reviews. I suggest the i960 over the HP. Good luck.
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The i960 (i965 in the UK) is indeed excellent, but you can save a lot of money and try the canon i865..

My brother has the i965 and I have the i865, we have extensively compared the output, both printing the same pictures, but even he will agree the differences are just so minute that even under the closest scrutiny (by eye), you cannot really see any difference...

Of course, if you scan the photo's from both printers and zoom in, the differences are all too apparant, but since its your eyes that do the judging, does it matter???

The i965 has 2 extra Photo colours, but the i865 has an extra black to seperate normal printing black, and photo black, which is useful..

The canon printers are superb, they print 6*4's in 45 seconds.. and comparing to a local photo-shops efforts, we found the canon prints to be identical, in fact, they where better due to the fact this photo-shop processed the pictures in some way that produced jaggies on straight lines (some crappy interpolation problem when reducing to 6*4??)
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