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Default Help needed:Minolta F200 vs Z1 vs OlympusC740

Some weeks ago I bought a Hp850 for 300€(special offer) which i really liked. Four days ago i had to return it to the shop because it was broken. They didn't have another one for me

Just after returning it i saw a F200 for 349€ and bought it. It is a really wonderfull camera but sometimes i feel i would like a bigger optical zoom. I want a good "4x4" camera with good quality image and manual controls (yes, I want all!!! :twisted: )

Yesterday I saw that two cameras i liked:Z1 and C740. Some time ago I didn't buy them because their prices( 499€ each) but now i have seen them for 369€(Z1) and 359€(C740) and now I don't know what to do.

Which one would you buy? I need any suggestion.

The most important things for me are picture quality and manual controls followed by optical zoom, durabily, size...

Thanks to everyone.
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Thats a tough one to answer.. I have had the Z1, and now have a C-750...

The Z1's PQ is excellent.. very very low noise, and a wonderful smoothness to everything..
Minolta do not really do much 'sharpening' in camera, so you do need to apply some when you get the shots out of the camera... and the results can be stunning...
Its extremely fast, and its features are excellent... if you are into fast action, this is one quick camera...
Its downsides are purple fringing/CA are more evident unless care is taken like using a smaller aperature, and its focus, although pretty good, is not as reliable as Olympus, so you need to double check it has focused correctly...

The C-740 in comparison is slow with much higher noise levels in its pictures, and has some questionable sharpening artefacts at times, however, its lens is slightly better then the Z1, and suffers from less CA, and its focus is more reliable, so a higher percentage of shots come out well focussed..

As for build quality, the Z1 feels less well built, but actually does the Job, its lens rattles, but this is how it is designed, and does not impact on its performance, in fact the C-740 lens also rattles, just not as much!!! THe LCD switch on the Z1 has had some failures, but I have to say I used mine for 1 month, and had no issues, and it never felt like it would ever go wrong..

My own opinion is the Z1 will probably give you the better PQ in the long run, although you will waste more photo's then the C740..

Goto www.pbase.com and look in their camera database, at the two camera, and see the results average people have been getting with both camera's.. at the end of the day, image noise accepted, there is not a massive difference between them..

However, I feel the C-750 is the next step up from the Z1, the noise is much less the the C-740, yet it has the same great lens/focus performance and more megapixels..

good luck!!!
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