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Default c750 spits dummy, all pictures lost

Using the c750 this evening to take pictures of my daughter racing around the park on her bike.

Mode was Sports Mode, plently of light. Card was a Fuji XD64mb. The pevious pictures from the card had all been uploaded to the computer via a Fuji XD Card Reader and the card had been reformatted in camera.

Had already taken maybe a dozen pictures of when I took another and that is when it appears to have gone silly.

The image remained on the LCD screen, the busy light for writing to the card remained on and all functions were unavailable including the on/off button.

This went on for many minutes and finally, right or wrong, with other things to attend to, I bit the bullet and pulled the batteries.

Reinserting the batteries and powering up the camera only gave two options, Power Off or Reformat. I took the power off option and took the card out, tried to read it via the Card Reader, nothing there, not a thing.

Ok, no big drama really, it was not a new bike or her first ride without trainers or anything, just everyday snaps which will happen again.

Reinserted card into camera and reformatted, no problems and ran off some quick snaps and all looks good.

Curious now, any idea's anyone. Just one of those things or could the finger be pointed at something specific..

Cheers all.
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Every xD card problem I've ever read about was a Fuji card. The Fuji cards are a little cheaper but I now wonder if they should be avoided? On the other hand Fuji will replace cards that fail in the warranty period and maybe this solves the "infant mortality" problem causing the issues...
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