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Default Redeye problems

I have a C3020. I seem to have a big problem with redeye indoors. I set my camera at OS 100 & 200 with red eye block. I even tried setting high on flash. What am I doing wrong? It takes wonderful pictures outdoors, but indoors is a differant story. I'm new at this,but I'm getting the bug. I bought a Canon i960 photo printer! Please Help?????
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Your red eye problem stems from flash on the 3020 being too close to lens ( a compromise to achieve compact size). Red eye is caused by light from the flash reflecting off of the retina of the subject's eye directly back into the lens. The red eye reduction mode for the flash fires a pre-flash before the main exposure flash in an attempt to get the subject's pupils to contract. As you have experienced, this trick doesn't often work.

The usual work arounds for red eye are to move the flash farther away from the lens, bounce the flash off of the ceiling or nearby side walls in order to increase the angle from the light ofthe flash to the subjects eyes (and back to the lens). Obviously you can't do either of these with the 3020 since the flash is in as fixed position. The 3020 further limits your options in that it doesn't provide a flash sync connection to allow you to use an external flash. Your best work around is, if at all possible, increase the ambient lighting in the room so that your subject's pupils will tend to be smaller; and if there is enough ambient light, turn off the flash altogether--boosting the ISO setting if need be.

You can always edit out the red eye in post processing if none of the above work for you.

good luck
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Default Two tips

A couple of tips that seem to help:

1) when taking individual images try to put the flash pointing straight at the same level with the subjects eyes. The more off center the flash from the eyes the redeye seems to get worse.

2) Stand close - being further back seems to intensify red eye.

3) Turn up the light in the room. Some other ambiant light from other sources will help reduce and maybe eliminate the redeye.
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If you have a photo editing program such as paintshop or photoshop, the red eye can be edited out.

Couple of tips, instead of using high power for the flash, is it possible on your model to reduce the output of the flash to low, of course low flash does not reach as far but depending on the photo's you are taking, the results can be sometimes more pleasing than blasting everything with light.

Another is diffusion. Simple way to do this is to leave your flash alone at what ever it is set at and get a piece of white tissue paper, depending on its thickness you might want to fold it over again and hold or attach it loosely over the flash so that the flash fires through it.
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